BS#0028 - GMGK

CO2 Neutral

(winner of the Summer 2016 contest) 

- Belgian Ale -

This flavored Belgian ale beer has been brew with some lemon peel and kaffir lime and infused with white tea. This combination makes this beer fresh and soft with some lemony notes and a fruity dry aftertaste. 

6 % Alc/ 20 IBU/ 10 EBC

Malts : Pale Ale, Carared

Hops: Saaz, Northern Brewer

Yeast: US-05

Others: White tea, kaffir lime, lemon peel

-> Always available


BS#0037 - CHILI

(winner of the Autumn 2016 contest) 

- Lager -

This slightly sweet lager has a soft taste of pasilla chili. The coriander and the marjoram highlight the smoothness of that beer and bring a certain structure to that lager. This combination makes this beer smooth and easy to drink.

6,5% Alc/ 30 IBU/ 25 EBC

Malts : Pils, Wheat, Cararuby

Hops: Goldings, Perle

Yeast: S- 23

Others: Chili pasilla, Coriander, Marjoram

Sorry this beer is no longer available... it got replace by BS#0122 God Save The Beer


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BS#0075 - So Beer IT

(winner of the Winter 2016 contest) 

- American Amber Ale -

This amber beer has been elaborated with 4 different hops for a great bitterness and a floral/herbal hoppy note. It refined taste and pleasant long lasting hoppy aftertaste go along well with meat and fish. 

7% Alc/ 40 IBU/ 32 EBC

Malts : Pils, Caramber, Special B

Hops: Northern Brewer, Cascade, Motueka, Hallertau blanc

Yeast: US-05

Sorry this beer is no longer available... It got replace by BS#01050 Kom'Quoi


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BS#0105 - Nordic Hopster 

(winner of the Spring 2017 contest) 

- Juicy Session IPA -

The Nordic picking on his hoppy throne! But don’t feel him, he is light, he is blond and he makes yours brain completely mad by his hoppy horns; a session IPA of quality! It’s freshness fits perfectly with the flavors of exotic fruits and citrus. 

5% Alc/ 35 IBU/ 10 EBC

Malts : Pils, Munich, Carared

Hops: Equinox, Mosaic

Yeast: US-05

-> Always available


BS#0122 - God Save The Beer

(winner of the Summer 2017 contest) 

Zesty Pale Ale

You will be surprised by the freshness of lemon zest, bergamot and intense mosaic hop flavors, combined with some subtile biscuit notes from the malts. Be ready as well for the dry, bitter finish coming from the black tea. It is not just another pale ale, this one is Zesty!

6% Alc/ 36 IBU/ 15EBC

Malts : Pale Ale, Vienna, Caraamber

Hops: Herkules, Cascade, Mosaic

Yeast: US-05

Others: Earl Grey, Lemon zest

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BS#0150 - Kom'Quoi

(winner of the Fall 2017 contest) 

Kumquat IPA

This fruity IPA is something you’ll dream about at night. The freshness and fruitiness of the smell comes from the complex combination of american hop varieties. Citrus, mango, pineapple, passion fruit and even some floral notes are part of the smell. The taste is complex as well, but with an accent on the intense flavor of kumquats, these little orange clementines. One secret : good fruit gives good beer ! The beer ends up with a rather soft bitterness of an IPA. Just try it ! 

6,3% Alc/ 45 IBU/ 11 EBC

Malts : Pale Ale, Wheat, Hell, Spelt

Hops: Columbus, Citra, Centennial

Yeast: US-05

Others: Kumquats

This beer no longer exist. It has been replace by BS#0174 BB Prunes.

BS#0174 - BB Prunes

(winner of the Fall 2018 contest) 

- Plum Porter -

The beautiful foam of this porter reflects the power of this beer. Two black males and a little bit of spelt make this beer very focussed on the malt profile. Its hoppiness is low, but you will feel the smooth feeling of the residual sugar coming from the yeast type and the plums! The flavor of the fruit hides behind the roasted chocolate and coffee flavors bring some extra body.

6,7% Alc/ 25 IBU/ 62 EBC

Malts : Ale, Spelt, Melany, Choco, Coffee

Hops: Herkules, Hallertau Blanc

Yeast: US-04

Others: Plums


(winner of the Winter 2018 contest)

- Bitter Brown Ale -

This light bitter brown beer will surprise you in many ways. Although it is brown, it has very soft coffee notes and a dry finish that makes it a very easy drinking beer with a pleasant bitterness. Maybe, with some good attention, you'll notice the subtile nutmeg notes...
6,2 % Alc / 35 IBU/ 72 EBC

Malts : Ale, Munich Light, Coffee Light

Hops: Herkules, Hallertau Blanc, East Kent Golding

Yeast: US-04

Others: Nutmeg

BS#0246 Ca m’ira belle

(winner of the Spring 2019 contest)

- Fruity Wheat Beer -

This light fruity wheat beer will refresh you all summer. We have decided to add a tone of mirabelles, those small round yellow plums into a rye wheat beer and dry hop with some first gold, azacca and eureka hops for a juicy fruity hoppy finish.

4% Alc / 15IBU / 6 EBC

Malts: Pils, Wheat, Rye

Hops: Herkules, First Gold, Azacca, Eureka

Yeast: US-05

Others: Yellow plums