Beerstorming is not about making the next top-selling beer. Nor even about brewing in its most literal sense.

It’s about creativity in brewing. About being a part of an experience. About tastes, memories and stories you can share over a beer. Or two.

a unique  experience

Beerstorming is your invitation to an evening where you can exchange ideas, opinions and desires on new brewing projects in an extremely small brewery. Under the guidance of an expert brewer, you will be introduced to the more intricate details of brewing so you can create your own beer.



the tasting experience

Discover the playground of our brewer. He will tell you as much as possible about how it works.

After that, you’ll get a short introduction on beer tasting and, of course, get the chance to taste
4 special beers, brewed at our miniature brewery.


This unique experience will teach you and 7 to 14 friends, colleagues or relatives how to brew your own beer.

You will discuss ideas, choose ingredients, develop a recipe and start brewing. At every stage you’ll discover new tastes, flavours and smells you have never experienced before. Additionally, you will get some delicious tapas and a full meal. 

After 2 months of maturation, we will be able to get some of your own craft beer.


THE private brewery EXPERIENCE

Can you assemble a team of 7 to 14 people? Do you already have a clear idea about the kind of beer you want
to brew, and more importantly: its taste?

Then book this experience and then the brewery is yours, with our expert brewer at your service. Learn, taste, experience and create. The result:
your very own beer. Tapas and dinner are included.


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